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Now, and into the future, F&G will continue to be your source for purchasing quality products from our above and in-ground
pools, wood, coal, pellet and gas stoves,  at competitive prices.  Conveniently located on Route 9W in Newburgh
Family summer fun
Cool in the pool
Its a fact kids are happy
when they are
Austroflamm Pellet Stoves Free Standing and Insert
Wood insert
Enviro  Wood Stove
Buck model 74
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Sales and service of swimming pools. Above and inground
Keep us in mind this spring for all your swimming pool
Enviro  M 55
Enviro M 55 cast iron   
We are excited with the technology offered in the new M 55 series of pellet stoves.
Low maintenance burner - This patent pending technology has an agitator rod in the burn pot that breaks up any clinker
or ash and helps move it into the ash pan.  This greatly reduces cleaning intervals.
Come  visit our showroom and see it in action.   
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Once you experience a pellet stove, it’s easy to understand why people
rave about these efficient and unique home heaters that generate an
automated, economical and earth-friendly wood heat…and all without
firewood! For just pennies an hour, a pellet stove can deliver a deep,
penetrating warmth that provides independence from high heating bills
while emitting almost no wood smoke. And, with tremendous flexibility in
installation and sizing, pellet stoves are a sophisticated choice for
convenient heat that helps protect the environment and doesn’t break
the bank.
Pellet Stove Fact
Pellet stoves are the perfect choice for people that
often experience high home heating bills due to
fluctuating energy costs. In fact, pellet stoves are
often installed in homes as secondary heat sources
to help maintain control over heating expenses. The
reason is the fuel. Pellet stoves burn economical
pellets made from sawdust. The economy of pellets
is due to the low cost of the materials and the
efficiency of the manufacturing processes, as well
as the ability for people to lock in an entire year of
fuel costs before the beginning of the heating